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Synopsis (Two Stories, One Book)

Assimilation Part I

A covert operation committed to completing its homeland’s most precarious acts of power retention has begun a search to fill its ranks; persons up to the calling and able to stomach the world’s darkest secrets. It’s a daunting, invasive and debatable selection process, but it’s a concern any elect would turn a blind eye to.


Revelation Part 1

An order that has outlived pharaohs, dynasties, warlords, democracies, Ghanas, eras, revolutions, republics and the likes observes a new member spiraling out of control. Accepting civilization’s fragility, simplicity and truth along with recent events has caused his foundation to collapse. Its remedy is to make him recollect on his past with the hope it will bring him clarity before he forces its hand. 


Ordo Clementia

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Welcome to the cyber home of my literatery work. this site contains my purchasble and free content. Click on the tabs above to view my work and follow me on twitter for updates, excerpts and a laugh or two. 


Thank You,

Shalon Montgomery,

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